Snow Flaked, Baby

We were somewhere around Barstow when the stem cells began to take hold...

Hey, remember how Tony Snow said President Bush was agin' stem cells because "he thinks murder is wrong"? Remember how awful that made you feel? You, a murderer? You don't even own a wire hanger!

Good news! Tony's taking it back.

White House press secretary Tony Snow said yesterday that he "overstated the president's position" during a briefing last week but said Bush rejected the bill because "he does have objections with spending federal money on something that is morally objectionable to many Americans."


At yesterday's briefing, Snow retracted his statement and apologized. "I overstepped my brief there, and so I created a little trouble for Josh Bolten in the interview," Snow said. "And I feel bad about it."

"So the president does not regard this as murder?" a reporter asked.

"He would not use that term," Snow said.

You know what term he should use? Islamo-Nazis.

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-- David Weigel


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