So Maybe This Chubby Nobel Laureate Would Like To Be Vice President, Again!

Well, hell. This Sebelius gal won't be Obama's veep because she has along face; Chuck Hagel won't work because he's a Republican; and Joe Biden won't because ... oh no wait maybe Joe Biden would work! Yeah, he's got an okay face for it, and hair plugs, and "foreign" experience. But you know who would RULE? The fat one who made the slide show about climate change.

You see, Al Gore already lived in the Naval Observatory once, so installing him again would be a simple matter of switching the utility bills back over to his name. This is literally the only reason we can think of anyone entertaining this terrible notion. Oh and he is an "international rock star," whatever the fuck that means.

Obama VP Pick May Shore Up Security Weak Spot [Capital Journal]


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