So Much For Vacation

  • If Barack Obama wins in the fall, it will probably not be by a landslide. [Politico]
  • Despite a ceasefire in Georgia, it appears that the firing has not ceased. The city of Gori has fallen under Russian control. [New York Times,Wall Street Journal]
  • The presidential candidates seize on the situation in Georgia to have a little contest about who can talk the toughest about a problem we can do pretty much nothing to resolve. [Washington Post]
  • Everybody wants to go to Exclusive Parties at the conventions in Denver and St. Paul. [The Hill]
  • The Chinese women's gymnastics team won the gold medal in the team event. They all seriously look like they are about 10 years old. [New York Times]
  • Why are so many swimming records being broken in Beijing? Maybe it's the new suits. [Reuters]

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