So Strike Me Once Again, I've Got Nothing To Lose

* Hey, we are part of the Main Stream Media crushing Ron Paul's brave campaign! Or so say the Paultards ....

* Somebody found all three Osama bin Ladens! One was working for Fox News, obviously.

* Street people are pretty much writing John Edwards' campaign website these days. Two Americas, bitches!

* Joe Klein is rather disappointed by the libtard bloggers -- after all, this is Joe Klein we're talking about here, who is not exactly chopped liver.

* The Senate has finally made the Internet safe for everyone, hooray! We got an advance copy of Senate Bill S-H8R.

* "Vlad" Putin was just kidding about wanting to nuke Europe and kiss Dubya's belly.

* We endorsed Ron Paul and yet we're already sick of the Paultards -- as is anybody else forced to run a political website these days.

* What are thou speaking of, my friends? It was good to debate and then to end the debate. He sat by the spin room and watched the old man climb the hill. "A man must fight for what he believes in," the old man said. "I believe in El Walnuts."

* Screw Fred Thompson -- we support Alan Keyes for President.

* Little furry terrorists are eating all the American flags and shitting on the graves of our veterans.

* Oh right, there was a GOP debate in New Hampshire. The candidates had some interesting ideas about what to do with George W. Bush. "Send him to the Elks Club in Buttfuck, North Dakota" was one of the kinder ideas.

* Oh right, we actually liveblogged that televised atrocity. Part I was bad, Part II was awful, Part III was painful and Part IV was a gun in the mouth, forever.

* Rudy is sorta sorry for spreading around that story about the Magic Mormon on the White Horse who comes out of a hobbit book and saves the nation from the Republicans.


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