So That Commercial Jet With Unresponsive Pilots Flying Right Past The Airport? Worst Deja Vu Ever Basically


  • Unpopular elected official Harry Reid is just all about including the public option on the new health care bill. [New York Times]
  • John Kerry is so busy and fulfilled chairing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that he totally doesn't even have time to think about 2004. [Washington Post]
  • A team of pilots flying a commercial airliner overshot their destination, the Minneapolis airport, by 150 miles yesterday. The FAA first blamed terrorism but is now blaming sleep, the terrorism of trying to stay awake at work. [CNN]
  • Legislation stating that violence against gay people is, legally-speaking, a hate crime is THISCLOSE to becoming law. All Obama has to do is sign the dotted line, which he will. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Barry is trying to convince Iran to fulfill all its uranium enrichment needs overseas somewhere. Iran is trying to cultivate an arsenal of nuclear weapons. These things may be mutually exclusive! [AP]
  • Britain is still in the midst of its own recession. Ehh, and everyone though the third quarter was going to be the turnaround one for the economy over there. Alas. [Reuters]

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