Social Security: The Incompetent Generation

President Bush, out on his national Social Security tour, gets a cordial invite to the New York City hipster 'hood of Williamsburg:

Here you will meet the young people of today, the people for whom you intend to create "voluntary personal accounts." Look at them—they are shabbily dressed, they have no steady jobs, they are hung over and infected.

Do you expect these young people to accept responsibility for their own futures? That would be a grave mistake.These hipsters need the Nanny State.

Yeah, and the great unwashed don't really like that whole proposed royal screwing thing so much either— which, it should be noted, the White House has today vehemently denied is the case, in a release today called "SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: Participants get 100% of Their Personal Retirement Accounts, Both Principal and Interest." Yeah, we'll wait for that to get Fisked later.

The Coming Hipster Social Security Crisis [Todd's Girl]


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