Agape Press got us all flustered a few days ago when they alerted us to the existence of the Sodomy Squadron, a previously unreported branch of the miliary that sent many Wonkette readers into whistful, day-long reveries. Now they're upping the ante with a revelation about what happens when good Christian schools want to eject suspected lesbos: they get a litle visit from the sassy squadron's muscular, fabulously-toned enforcement arm. The American Family Association's Steve Crampton explains:

"I think this is a case in point," he asserts, "where you have private schools, Christian businesses -- and really employers of all types, whether specifically and overtly Christian or not -- being given what amount to totalitarian edicts by the 'tolerance police.' This is not freedom -- this is totalitarianism."
Totalitarianism indeed! My advice to all you good Christians out there: stay in your shelters, practice your obscure, beleaguered faith in safety where "they" can't find you, and I'm sure this will all blow over in a couple of years. We'll let you know when it's safe to come out... er, sorry, poor word choice.

Attorney: California Court Lets 'Tolerance Police' Dictate Morality to Christian School [Agape Press]


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