Some Neat Stuff For A Lazy Sunday

Some Neat Stuff For A Lazy Sunday

Hello! Dok is out on VACATION this week, so that means there will be no Nice Things. I mean, there will be nice things, but not in an official, capitalized capacity.

Still, I've got some good stuff to show you anyway, and then you can all go and talk amongst yourselves! OK? OK!

Elizabeth Warren Is Now QUEEN Of Iowa!

For the very first time, Elizabeth Warren has pulled out ahead of Joe Biden in the Des Moines Register Iowa poll, which is pretty exciting if you are like me and extremely here for President Elizabeth Warren.

I'm telling you people, THIS IS GOOD. Everyone thinks Biden is the most electable, but dude has serious NAFTA baggage and supports the TPP and, again, that is a big part of what screwed Hillary Clinton in the Rust Belt. Elizabeth Warren is a progressive, but a progressive that moderates seem to not be apoplectically enraged by. That is actually a huge deal, and I think it means she has the ability to appeal to the most amount of people possible. I'm hoping this is the start of a roll, because I really believe that if anyone can take down Trump, it's Elizabeth Goddamn Warren.

There's your serious, so let's get on to the silly.

Oh, Oh, Oh, IT'S MAGIC!

OK, so this particular post in the relationships subreddit just about made my entire week. Long story short, this lady's husband is a chef made a new weird friend that he's suddenly become extremely close to, and that new friend has convinced him that he should leave his job and put their entire life savings into a MAGIC themed restaurant. The creepiest aspect of this idea is that part of the gimmick will be that the servers will be complicit in helping men on dates "do magic" in order to impress said dates. Which, oh my god, sounds like an actual nightmare.

Honestly, if you ask me, this lady should just get out of dodge and take her life savings and her children with her, because I have seen this movie before, and it doesn't end well. That movie was Heavenly Creatures. Also magic is terrible and embarrassing and no one likes it.

It's Like, Candy

Cameo - Candy (Official Video)

I don't really eat a ton of candy in general, particularly milk chocolate candy bars, so when I posted what I thought was a fairly innocuous answer to a candy related question, I did not expect to get nearly 400 replies. But here we are! I'm not sure that it's a ratio, because the people who agreed with me seemed to outnumber the people who thought I wanted people with peanut allergies to not have any candy, ever, because I am a monster who hates people with peanut allergies. I guess?

I do not, actually, even like Snickers that much! I just think if they cost the same amount and one only has 2/3 of the ingredients of the other, that would be the logical choice for elimination. Because that kind of feels like a scam.

Feel free to debate this on your own!

So, This Exists

I have been trying to do some redecorating, and so I was looking at wall murals, as they are cheaper than framed art and less chintzy looking than unframed posters. And in my search, I came across this:

I can't tell if she's super jazzed or super horrified, but I think it works either way. There are actually bunch of these wall murals that are just random people. And you know, I don't not want to collect all of them? I could just put this guy over my bed. Like he's watching me when I sleep. That would be super normal.

I am also kind of into this sad baloney sandwich?

Got $50 And Some Mike's Hard Lemonade?

As I was perusing Cameo — the site where you can pay "celebrities" to congratulate your mom on her successful appendectomy and what have you, something caught my eye. Or someone, rather. Chris Hansen, host of To Catch A Predator.

And yes. Yes. He does exactly what you would think he would do. He asks your mom or your brother or your friend to have a seat and, uh, then proceeds to accuse them of being a predator. As in like, a child molester.

I've gotta say. As a person frequently described as "a little dark," that is a little much, even for me. Which is not to say that I did not watch all of the videos, because I did.

Book Club Stuff!

Just as a reminder, Book Club starts again next week! We're reading The Handmaid's Tale, through Chapter 24. And hey! If you have Prime, you can get it as a free e-book download! Yay free stuff!

Anyway, that's about all I can think of to throw in this thing, so this is now your open thread! Enjoy!

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