Doctored Video Makes It Look Like Joe Biden Can't Tell Minnesota And Florida Apart, Ha Ha!

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Doctored Video Makes It Look Like Joe Biden Can't Tell Minnesota And Florida Apart, Ha Ha!

On Sunday, a video of Joe Biden saying "Hello Minnesota!" in front of a sign reading Tampa, Florida, was viewed over a million times. It was shared by many Trump supporters, including James Woods, who just laughed their darned faces off about how stupid one would have to be to confuse Florida for Minnesota! Why, he would have "flanked" geography for sure!

Except, as you have probably guessed, Biden was actually in Minnesota when he gave that speech but the video was doctored to make it look like he wasn't. Which sure is a good thing because it's been in the 80s in Florida all this week so he definitely would have been a tad overdressed in the winter coat and gloves he was wearing.

Joe Biden Speech LIVE in St. Paul, Minnesota | Joe Biden For President

Oddly enough, Trump supporters have been passing around actual video of the Minnesota speech all weekend because of how they are sad that Joe Biden referred to some Trump supporters beeping their car horns as "ugly folks."

Biden Refers To Minnesota Trump Supporters As “Ugly Folks"

Darn snowflakes.

Think about this for a second though. Think about what went into this. Someone thought to themselves, "Oh man, I'm gonna take this video of Joe Biden in Minnesota and make it look like he is in Florida but only thinks he is in Minnesota! And then people will see this video and think that Joe Biden thinks Minnesota is Florida and then not vote for him because of that! Ha! Oh boy, that will be great! I am very clever and hilarious, and surely no one will bother to look up the original video of this to show that I am wrong!" Then they actually took time out of their life to make it happen.

I have never edited a video before so I don't actually know how long something like that takes, but I would imagine it's not an entirely insignificant amount of time. If you're going to spend time doing something like that, at least try come up with something better than someone confusing Florida with Minnesota, especially at a time when no one has any idea what day it even is, ever. Please. If that were the stupidest thing to come out of Donald Trump's mouth in a single day, the only fallout from that would be that we'd end up living through yet another "Oh boy has he become presidential?" cable news cycle.


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