All this will be yours one day, boy, as long as you can dodge questions about our religionSo, you know how Romney's all like, we're not racist, I saw my my dad (pictured), march with Martin Luther King? Yeah, um, well, that may be more of a dream than a country in which people are judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

The Boston Phoenix did this actual reporting thing and found out that Mitt's family and David Broder say that George Romney and MLK marched in Grosse Pointe, Michigan when George was governor) But, Broder's account of George's march with MLK was published in 1967, and the historical society for Grosse Pointe says there was no such march in any of their records or anyone's recollection.

The historical society does have, however, an account of when MLK definitely visited - in 1968, when he gave a speech at the high school three weeks before his assassination, but there was no march for security reasons. And, to make it less likely that the Romney account is accurate, the speech also occurred about a week after the elder Romney dropped his bid for the Presidency, which would've made George unlikely to escape scrutiny if he had attended. And there's no way Mitt could've seen it because it was in the midst of the Mittster's French missionary thingie, too.

But, I'm sure it's just such a good family story that he totally believes it happened, as opposed to the alternative, which would be that it makes such a good deflection for all those pesky questions about how the Mormon Church discriminated against people of color for the first 100+ years of their religion.

Was It All A Dream? [Boston Phoenix]


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