Someone Left A Cake Out In The Rain

* The Supreme Court has a thing for guns. [NYT]

* Thanks to Bush's bad habit of appointing horrible to people to important positions, no one can actually go out of town for the holidays. [NYT]

* And thanks to the all the presidential candidates' bad habit of relentlessly running for president, they're all going to have Thanksgiving by themselves. [Politico]

* Democrats are irrelevant in the race replace Chuck Hagel in the Senate. Well done, chums! [The Hill]

* Mike Huckabee will president, we swear to God. [WP]

* In Obama's coke admission, the president sees something he can get behind. [LAT]

* For Petraeus, how to balance some reality with all his bullshit. [WSJ]

* That Jack Murtha is just hell bent on being a real sour sport. [WT]


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