• As a stunned America begins to prepare itself for an Arlen Specter-free future, we all must ask ourselves: What killed Arlen Specter? Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell knows! "'The rain killed Arlen,' Mr. Rendell said dejectedly. 'Whatever chance he had went down with the rain.'" It is a well-known fact that old people shouldn't go out in the rain, because they are prone to catch pneumonia and/or lose primaries. But was there more to Arlen Specter's defeat? Yes! There were pictures of presidents! An Obama appearance at a Specter fundraiser provided "vivid images," but then Sestak kept showing that "devastating footage" of George W. Bush's 2004 endorsement. [NYT]
  • Also, the Critz held Murtha's seat for the Democrats, but some of his constituents thought the tone of the campaign was overly negative. "They might as well have put Nancy Pelosi on that cross," one Critz supporter told a reporter, gesturing at a cross conveniently placed nearby. [Philly Inky]
  • Well, now that Blanche Lincoln won her primary, Chris Dodd can kill her derivatives reform proposal ... wait, she still has to win a primary run-off? Damn it! Uh ... uh ... OK, let's cook up some scam to make it look like we're passing it, when we really aren't. [Salon]
  • The space aliens' attempt to seize control of the advanced 1970s technology onboard the Voyager 2 spacecraft has been foiled by human scientists. [Discovery News]

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