Someone Please Put Rick Perry Out Of His Misery And Tell Him It's Over

Look, at this point it is just mean to let Rick Perry keep runnin' around like he's a presidential candidate, when we all of us who aren't Rick Perry know better. And that includes his unpaid volunteers, what's left of them, and the one dude in Iowa even Donald Trump didn't want to steal from him. It is over, man, O-V-E-R over, and it's time for someone to sit him down and have The Talk:

Rick Perry no longer has paid staff working in New Hampshire as his campaign faces fundraising woes that threaten to derail the Texas governor's 2016 bid entirely.

Adviser Mike Dennehy tells NBC News that he no longer considers himself a part of Perry's campaign and has not spoken to the presidential hopeful in nearly a month. [...]

Dennehy added that Perry has no plans to visit the Granite State, where he placed sixth in the 2012 primary, garnering less than one percent of the vote.

Times sure have changed since Perry visited the Granite State in February, to spread the good word about how Texas is the best state ever. And then his super PAC released that super-weird ad of Perry, in which he voice-overs (dear lawd have mercy, we are not making this up), "Live free or die. Amen." (Fact check: Not a real Bible quote.)

And then there was the part where he yelled at some unsuspecting people who'd decided to give this dumbass another shot, to see if he'd learned any things at all in the last four years, like how to not be such a dumbass:

We will be there standing up for freedom no matter where it is — economically, militarily. And if we have a Congress and a president that respect that, then the greatest years in America are in front of us. Are you ready to send that message across this country? That New Hampshire is about livin’ free or dyin’? Are you ready for that?

Asking people whether they are willing to die for, uh, Rick Perry, we guess, has proven to be a not good way of rallying supporters to the Perry campaign. Not that it's stopped him, since he was asking a group of Christian conservatives just this past weekend what they're willing to die for, and the answer, it sure seems to every single person in the entire universe except Rick Perry, is NOT YOU, RICK PERRY.

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He gave it a try. He got the glasses, he gave the speeches, he made it through the kids' debate without saying "oops" even once. He's had his fun. But it really is cruel at this point to let him keep going on like this. Someone needs to tell him the hard truth -- or hell, draw him a picture, he might understand that better. But something, please, because this is getting embarrassing.

[NBC News]


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