Someone Tell the UN Spider Man Isn't Real

AP050603019279.jpgThe United Nations, earth's premiere international organization, is suffering from what a generous person might refer to as a PR problem. The once-esteemed institution (granted that was 50 years ago) now suffers from what is feared to be widespread corruption and also, thanks to our very own Decider-in-Chief, almost total irrelevance on the international stage. How does a tarnished international recover that righteous shine? Hire Spider Man, obviously. The UN is pairing up with Marvel Comics to make a free comic book to instill some faith in the UN in America's children, the only group of people anywhere in the world insulated enough not to know better.

I know they're probably strapped for cash so here's a tip we'll give the UN totally for free: your super hero plan is super retarded, though we do applaud you for thinking long-term. How about trying something, like, middle-term as well, like trying and boost that old, tattered image among people who, say, vote and pay taxes? Also, I'm not sure the comic book or the cartoon, the video game, etc, are terrific mediums to spread positive messages with kids anyway, mostly because the ones that try are pretty fucking boring.

But let's not jump to conclusions. We're talking about the United Nations here. With a record like theirs, this thing is sure to work. Once you're wielding international dominance, never forget this, United Nations: with great power comes great responsibility.

Spider-Man to come to aid of UN's own battered spin doctors [Financial Times]


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