Something Flickered For a Minute, Then It Vanished and Was Gone


  • Happy Thanksgiving? Not for the Indians, who are anti-celebrating the Mumbai terrorist attacks of one year ago. [BBC]
  • Most people try to sneak out of White House state dinners, but these two weirdos snuck in. [Reliable Source/NYT]
  • The U.S. economy should recover in, oh, maybe five years? Maybe more? Who cares, because by then we'll all have been eaten by those cannibals from The Road. [Associated Press]
  • Oh yeah and we are all DOOMED because the U.S. dollar plunged in value (again) while you were sleeping, and now it's worth about half a bite of spit-out California Roll. [Bloomberg]
  • Let's all hope the Space Shuttle lands safely tomorrow morning, because Jesus Christ, how much more can anybody really take? [Gannett]
  • If you didn't go anywhere for Thanksgiving, it's either because a) you're broke, like everybody else, or b) you just hate your awful family. [MSNBC]
  • Important informational website WikiLeaks published half-a-million text messages from September 11, 2001. From the banal to the heartbreaking, the whole massive bummer information trove is enough to make you skip dinner today and just go sit in the yard, crying. [Guardian/WikiLeaks]
  • But, still, happy thanksgiving! Really!

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