Something Seems More Wrong With Donald Trump Jr.'s Face Than Usual


Hey, let's make fun of Donald Trump Jr.'s bad face! The genetic lottery, he did not win it!

OK but seriously, what the fuck is this and why did Junior put in on Instagram? Does he think he is owning the libs? If so, why does he think that?

Here is how he captioned the picture:

With friends like these... some good friends decided that while my birthday is not for 2 weeks that they would get me an early 40th birthday cake. And what birthday is complete without an Obama cake? I figured it was so good that I would have to share it with Ted. ??????? #tx #texas #birthday #tedcruz #obama#cake

Yes, those are his HILARIOUS emojis.

OK. More questions:

What is wrong with his face? It's more Picasso than usual.

Is it weird to be in a picture with Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz is not the most detestable fucker in the picture?

What in the hell is in his mouth? It looks like he's sucking on a full white corn corb, all stuffed up in his bad gross face hole.

Or is he wearing Invisaligns? If so, they're not very INVIS- now are they? At least not on his dumb face.

And why is he "smiling" like that? Is that really a normal smile for a human person to have? Or is he making a joke face that somehow relates to the hilarious Obama cake, which, upon closer examination, looks more like a cookie?

Is it possible that's not actually a cake, but should more properly be called a "cookie"?

In which case, why would Junior call it a cake? Is he that stupid? OK wait, we can answer that question ourselves, YES he is that stupid.

What is the joke? Are they making fun of that time Barack Obama did cookies wrong? Because Obama was making fun of himself that time, because Obama has far thicker skin than Junior's weak and failing dad.

Also, that doesn't even look like Barack Obama. What "artist" baked this? Was it that Bible-beating jizz canoe who went to the Supreme Court to demand his right to make his bakery a No Cake For Fags zone?

Did the same person who made that cake/cookie ALSO make this cake?

But back to Junior's face, what is wrong with it? Is that what Happy 40th Birthday looks like, assuming your face was put together incorrectly, maybe because when God was handing out faces, he played a joke on Junior by making him look like the lovechild of Tommy Lee Jones and Billy Bob Thornton?

Isn't God a hoot for doing that? LOL God! And then the Almighty did it to Eric too! LMAO!

Finally, how sad is it that these two dildo skulls are still -- still! -- so hilariously intimidated by Barack Obama that they are posing in pictures with a cookie/cake with Obama's face on it, to own the libs somehow? Obama literally stopped being president almost a year ago, boys, READ THE NEWS.

This has been a post about Junior's fucked up face. Not the first one we've ever written, won't be the last.

Now have an open thread.

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