Something Something Charlie Kirk Transgender Exoskeleton Goggle Sex Robots

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Something Something Charlie Kirk Transgender Exoskeleton Goggle Sex Robots

Last time we saw Charlie Kirk queening out over something LGBTQ-related, he was explaining how China is going to bomb Taiwan because of a drag show at a high school in Vermont. It's like the butterfly effect, we guess, but with more sequins. This was cocooned inside a rant about kids on TikTok using "demon" as a pronoun, and he was whining about "transgender garbage" and "International Pronoun Day."

Look, nobody's ever accused the guy of being a normal, well-adjusted 28-year-old dude.

In today's clip, Charlie explains that the "transgender movement" is just the first phase of a multi-phase plan to convince humans to become robots.

What? This is a very prominent conservative thinker here, pay attention!

Charlie says the "transgender movement" is a bigger threat than "biomedical fascism," because the "transgender movement is an introductory phase to get you to strip yourself of your humanity to mesh with machines."

What? That makes complete sense. Charlie Kirk is just saying being transgender is a cover story to convince people to remove their humanity (how? dunno) in order to become machines. This sounds right.

Charlie says it's called "transhumanism." Charlie says that "they" (who's they? dunno) want "you" (who's you? dunno) to say, "Well I can choose any gender, why can't I have an exoskeleton of some sort of machine all around me?"

Yep, sounds like something you'd say!

Because as we all know, being transgender is about saying "Well I can choose any gender!" and not an actual medical biological phenomenon that happens in human beings where their brains are not gendered the same as their biological sex. And if you can choose ANY gender, then why CAN'T you have an exoskeleton of machines? That's just what everybody asks.

OK, what have we learned so far? That's right, we have learned that once everybody chooses a gender, everybody will immediately get bored with choosing genders and want to choose an exoskeleton instead. "Fuck genders, gimme an exoskeleton," that's what you'll say at the Exoskeleton dealership. "What's the trade-in value of my gender?"

Charlie says this is what the "metaverse" is about. First you have to be transgender, then you have to get an exoskeleton, then you go to the metaverse.

"This is where Silicon Valley is going," says Charlie. Aha! Silicon Valley is doing this!

"This is why they're SO INSISTENT on this whole transgender thing, because if you stop being a man, then maybe you can stop being a human being! Maybe you can just kinda plug into some sort of machine." These are words Charlie says.

To recap: Silicon Valley is insistent on making people transgender in order to convince them to stop being men so that they can also stop being humans and then plug into machines. We have no clue how transitioning from male to female is the same as stopping being human, but we bet a psychologist would have fun diagramming that Charlie Kirk sentence.

Charlie says there's a "ton of literature about this" (haha) and that he's "far from the first person to comment on it" (bet those who came before him are real winners) and he's just "connecting the dots" (okeydoke).

Charlie says this is like Ready Player One meets Inception.

In summary and in conclusion, by the end of the clip Charlie says everyone will be beholden to "five companies that control your thoughts and feelings" and we'll live in a world where "everyone wears goggles all day long" and "that's the deeper significance of the transgender movement." All of this makes sense, Charlie's not the first to say it, he's just connecting the dots like a normal person.

If you have an hour and 47 minutes, Charlie said this shit during some fuckhead loser Christian nationalist event called "Freedom Night in America" at the "Dream City Church." It started with some bald guy with a guitar singing homoerotic tunes to God, obviously. One song had lyrics like "you turn bones into armies" and "you turn seas into highways." OK, dude, get a room with God.

Later in the same event, Charlie told everybody about transgender exoskeleton goggle sex robots.

We would embed it, but apparently Charlie Kirk's holy godly videos cannot be embedded on wicked pagan sites like Wonkette.


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