Sometimes Amendments Come Back... Again

flagshirt.jpgHey Washington, you smell that? It's midterm election grandstanding! And it's coming from inside Bill Frist's office:

I look forward to bringing the Flag Protection Amendment to the floor at the end of June so we can debate legislation that respects one of the principal symbols of our nation, and appropriately honors the sacrifice and commitment of all those who've acted to protect it.

Whoo, the flag amendment! It's like a political Old Faithful, or Halley's Comet, or a Law & Order episode, or an Adam Nagourney piece about the (lack of) direction of the Democratic party -- right on schedule, comfortably familiar.

Actually, we're bored with it. The flag burning amendment's played out. Things would be livened up if the Dems countered with, like, an anti-flag eating amendment, or an amendment against warrantless wiretapping of American citizens without probable cause, or something crazy like that.

Frist Announces Flag Vote


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