Son of 'Candid Camera' Host Couldn't Care Less What You Think

polls.jpgPeter Funt, son of twisted sadist Allen Funt, has had it up to here with all these polls! Who cares what a representative sampling of Americans think about things! Not this not-quite-famous person, that's for sure! To be fair, The Today Show did apparently have some sort of "America's Best Sandwich" poll, clear proof that our national obsession with "voting" has gone too far.

Or actually his point is something about how so many people are more than happy to vote in CNN quickpolls while sitting at computers, bored at work, but so few of them register to vote and drag themselves to polling places on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November every four years. Why doesn't clicking on little radio buttons translate to informed participation in the Democratic process? Perhaps we should set up some sort of hidden camera prank involving scantily clad women to investigate this further?

The question is an important one because, according to Funt, "by 2012 or 2016 there could be a serious movement to have voting in presidential elections conducted via the Internet," which will lead, obviously, to President Tay Zonday addressing a congress made up entirely of Klingons on one side of the aisle and Furries on the other.

In other words, nothing at all will change.

It's Not Democracy. It's a Sub. [WP]


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