One Million Moms Very Mad That Sonic Used The B-Word (Bra. They Said Bra.)

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One Million Moms Very Mad That Sonic Used The B-Word (Bra. They Said Bra.)

The One Million Moms who live inside the head of Christian extremist Monica Cole are once again upset enough about a thing to send me a ridiculous email about it. This time it is a Sonic commercial. About cheeseburgers.

They write:

Dear Robyn,

Sonic is airing a new commercial that is not only offensive – but this once family-friendly restaurant has made a deliberate decision to produce controversial advertisements instead of wholesome ones.

Oh no, what kind of unwholesome, controversial advertising is a fast-food chain doing? Is there nudity? Are they slipping porn into whatever their equivalent of a Happy Meal is? Or is it a violence thing. Like are they recreating scenes from Natural Born Killers to sell hamburgers?

Nope, it is just two ladies talking in an extremely non-sexual way about how they wear pajamas to the Sonic drive-thru and sometimes don't even wear a bra.

Sonic Drive-In Crave Cheeseburger TV Commercial, 'Pajamas'

Now, surely there are ways they could have made this ad way too hot for TV. They could have had the women discussing wearing sexy lingerie to Sonic, discussing their plans to go bra-free for the purpose of seducing the fella at the drive thru, or even having sex with one another in the car. None of those things happened. Rather, the commercial was about being too lazy to put on human clothes or even a bra to go get a cheeseburger at drive-thru, which a pretty relatable scenario.

In a recent Sonic cheeseburger commercial, one customer is chatting in her car with another woman about how they don't wear bras to Sonic and definitely not in their carpool. One Million Moms finds this highly inappropriate for an ad, especially one selling food. When writing and producing this commercial, someone with Sonic thought this was a great way to represent the company and approved this type of marketing. Sonic could have simply chosen to leave this out of their commercial.

Except for the fact that it actually is a pretty great commercial, as far as commercials go. First of all, it is very relatable, as bras are notoriously uncomfortable and "fuck it I'm wearing my pajamas in public" is top-tier pandemic aesthetic. Because probably there are people out there who are bored and not sure what they want to eat, only sure that they don't feel like making anything themselves or having to get fully dressed and they might say to themselves, "Oh, hey, maybe I will just run to sonic in my yoga pants and cat t-shirt and call it a day?"

But Monica Cole's major concern is not just that the ad is too sexy or that it uses a naughty word like bra, but that impressionable children will see it and think it is okay to go around not wearing underwear.

Sonic's ad is tacky and offensive. It is irresponsible because of its impact on impressionable children viewing the commercial. We all know children repeat what they hear. Does Sonic want children to think it is OK to go around in public wearing no underwear?

I say if you're old enough to need a bra or even to know what a bra is, you're probably old enough to not do everything you see in a Sonic commercial. It's quite a leap for a child to go "Hey, these ladies in the Sonic commercial say they don't wear bras sometimes so I'm not going to wear my Underoos anymore!" If they can get that far, surely you as a parent can explain to them why they ought to continue wearing said Underoos.

This ad is airing during prime time, when families are likely watching. Sonic should be more responsible in its marketing decisions. Let the company know that as a parent and a consumer, you are disgusted by its recent marketing choices.

Sonic needs to know parents do not approve!

I don't actually know what even is on prime time these days, but I can't imagine any of it is significantly more wholesome than some ladies eating cheeseburgers, talking about how they wear their pajamas to the drive-thru. Surely a better solution to this problem would be to stream old episodes of "Full House" without commercials, fast forwarding through any particularly stimulating Uncle Jesse appearances. Have mercy!

Because we get to be lazy today, this is now your OPEN THREAD and don't forget to join Stephen and I here at 12pm EST for our Labor Day Weekend live stream!

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