Sonny Perdue Lures High Schoolers to Governor's Mansion Despite Lack of Keg

govparty.jpgGeorgia Governor Sonny Perdue, center, declares the party to be the best ever, announces his intention to have a kick-ass summer, and expresses his strong belief that he will remain best friends with the graduating class even after everyone moves away to college. (AP)

In a story that is almost the opposite of this one, Sonny Perdue hosted the awesomest graduation party ever at the Georgia Governor's mansion yesterday for a bunch of high school seniors whose primary accomplishment seemed to be that they'd promised not to drive drunk.

We can't improve much upon the truth here, as the article quotes Perdue as saying "'06 Seniors Rule" and singing "You've Lost the Lovin' Feelin'." Which makes us doubt that the party was as dry as the AP claims. Who the hell can publicly sing the Righteous Brothers stone sober?

Georgia Governor Parties With High Schoolers [AP via Yahoo]


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