Sorry, Ann, He's Just Not That Into You

ajairaj.jpgSeems like Ann Coulter has a tadpole crush on her latest heckler Ajai Raj. "He asked one of the more intelligent questions from the liberals," she told Hannity & Colmes, before cooing over his mug shot in her best hopelessly smitten, boys-are-icky! manner. Also, we note, she passively endorsed ass-fucking: "I said nothing about sodomy. I didn't say it was unnatural or immoral." Alas, Raj seems unmoved by Coulter's tough and spindly beauty, and the chance to feel hot gusts of Nicorette tickling his bare skin in a sweaty union of premarital bipartisanship. "And hey, Ann, don't come back to UT. We're better than your bullshit here," he writes at the end of his entertaining recap of his brief but lively encounter with the vigorously single marriage-protector. We think he's missing a great opportunity, but that's youth for you, always putting principles before passion.

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