Sotomayor Has Diabetes: Good, Or Bad?

Sotomayor Has Diabetes: Good, Or Bad?

Remember Sonia Sotomayor, the Puerto Rican judge and potential Supreme Court pick who is, according to important legal insiders, anannoying retarded loser? Here's another "knock" on her chances: she's a Type One diabetic. She was being so dumb and annoying one day that God gave her diabetes. Does this spark a wider debate about something? The Huffington Post's Sam Stein suggests "yes it does" in his new article, "Sotomayor's Medical History Sparks Wider Debate." Should her diabetes factor into the vetting process? If the liberals think she's so "smart," then why is she diabetic? If she died a few years after being selected, might this be a good thing for Obama?

Stein writes, "Not everyone believes that medical conditions of prospective candidates should be considered so critically in the vetting process." Because Barack Obama needs to understand that he might be disappointed if, say, a person dies, which is just part of the game.

George Dargo, a professor of law at New England Law in Boston, noted retiring Justice David Souter himself should serve as evidence for Obama that gaming out how a Supreme Court pick will fare is an imprecise art. "I believe that this should not be a factor," he said. "There is one constant in Supreme Court history, and that is the inconstancy of the appointees... President Obama may want to appoint someone who will be there for at least a generation, but he might be disappointed."

And what if she "pulled an opposite-Souter" and became a right-wing lunatic after her selection? Then it would be great if she died! Her whole term could be like a "trial run," and if she's terrible, the Secret Service will just confiscate her insulin kit. Silly Supreme Court, making us think about death in such practical terms.

Sotomayor's Medical History Sparks Wider Debate [HuffPo]


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