SOTU Scorecard: Who Will Win?

The Fool's Progress - WonketteThe best way to figure out if Bush gave a truly great speech about Malaria or whatever is, obviously, to go to the partisan political blogs and get the objective blogosphere truth. Let's do it!

National Review Online: Nancy Pelosi's sour face (see John Pod), her hopping up to applaud the reference to Darfur (see Mark Steyn)--all this was very annoying, I'll grant. But what mattered tonight were the words and performance of George W. Bush. Both proved better--far better--than I'd expected. Yes, he began with some therapeutic-sounding nonsense about "making life better" ....

DailyKos: Is there anyone in the United States who will actually believe anything George Bush has to say tonight in the State of the Union address?

RedState: I can't even begin to fathom what went through what's left of the WH brain trust. Well, we need a home run shot to recapture political momentum. War? Nope. Something for the base? Ok, everyone, stop laughing. I know! Let's tax medical benefits!

Huffington Post: The right in the US is defined not by the Constitution, but by history and tradition. The first principle of this tradition is "Don't tread on me". It is a tradition of genocide, slavery, arms-bearing violence and vigilantism, religious fanaticism, environmental exploitation, and sheer greed; it is a "try and stop me" tradition that Bush and Cheney epitomize.

Okay, that last one is too fucking stupid for anyone to tolerate. Good-bye, blogosphere in the sky, keeps on turning ....


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