Wingnuts ON FIRE With Love For Greatest SOTU Since Washington, Churchill, Genghis Khan
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Rightwing reactions to Donald Trump's delayed State of the Union address were about what you'd expect: They loved it, mocked the silly ladies wearing white to commemorate the centennial year of women getting the vote (because jeez, stop with the identity politics!), and were saddened and dismayed that Democrats failed to applaud what a wonderful job Trump has done, because Democrats want America to fail.

Oh, yes, and the Stupidest Man on the Internet, Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft, got his readers all upset about that fancy "crystal water glass" setup Nancy Pelosi had in front of her. That would be the 200-year-old ink stand that's on the Speaker's desk every damn year. Then this morning he deleted the article.

Fortunately, we have a screenshot of Hoft's also-vaporized tweet plugging the piece, which gets the point across just fine: That nasty old Pelosi is MAD WITH POWER:

Sadly, we failed to get a screenshot of the article itself (and nope, it's not cached or archived, because Hoft covers his tracks). It's a shame, because the comments had a whole lot of funny jokes about Pelosi having a full bar up there, and being out of touch with ordinary Americans just like all Dems, and what a sad sad day it is for America.

Fortunately, the Gateway Pundit still has THIS funny collection of tweets about how those dumb Democrat ladies were all dressed in white -- like KKK members, and did you know Democrats did the KKK?

Lazy assholes didn't even do their own photoshopping there; the image is from a tweet, although we haven't yet located the actual source. Rightwing humor is the best. A few samples, with amusing commentary from aggregators Nan and Byron McKeeby:

Yes, that took two people to do!

Over at Dead Breitbart's Home For White Triumph, they liked the speech, they REALLY LIKED IT! Here's a mobile screenshot:

Those aren't links -- that's the headline and subheads for a single article. Breitbart's SOTU coverage included upbeat articles about the Holocaust survivor at the speech, the little girl with cancer, parents of those murdered by rampaging illegal immigrants, and Trump's pledge to make women carry all fetuses to term after the second trimester, even the ones that will immediately die, for Jesus. Looks like the commenters far preferred the red meat offerings, though -- just look at the comment counts for pieces on the villains!

Breitbart, like several other righty outlets, was VERY JAZZED about a CBS instant poll of those who watched the speech, because even the fake news fake pollsters had to admit that people who watched the speech LOVED IT! Not only that, but Americans LOVE Donald Trump's position on immigration! And by golly, a CNN instant poll also showed very high approval of the speech by viewers!

Of course, the Breitbart article only linked to the CBS News tweet announcing the polling results -- and oddly, that tweet doesn't link to the actual article on the CBS News website. Here's the tweet:

Gee, could anyone be missing some important details? COULD BE! Like one itty-bitty detail not mentioned at most of the righty outlets that were so excited by the poll results: Viewers of the speech liked it a lot because the viewing audience was heavily Republican. CNN even led with that fact before getting to the poll results.

CBS held off until the second paragraph of its story, but featured the skewed polling sample prominently all the same, with a big bold graphic:

You will be astonished to learn that virtually none of the rightwing sites we saw proclaiming America LOVED the speech mentions these were mostly polls of Republicans. Breitbart certainly didn't.Gateway Pundit didn't, either. RealClear Politics forgot. RedState declared a "Supermajority Of Americans Approve Of President Trump's Vision," again leaving out the bothersome detail. Half credit to the Washington Examiner for noting that Republicans approved of the speech far more heavily than Dems, but no, they didn't mention the viewing audience's partisan skew.

Surprisingly, Tucker Carlson's Internet Tendency at least managed to mention the partisan skew of the poll fairly prominently, so let's pat them on the head to encourage more good behavior. Oh yes, and Russian outlet RT also mentioned the partisan viewership, but hid it in deep inside the story, so no cookie for them.

There was also plenty of disdain for the awful awful Democrats who didn't applaud enough. Breitbart pointed out Kamala Harris "shook her head after President Donald Trump called for putting illegal drug cartels and human traffickers out of business," because obviously she loves drug cartels and human trafficking. The Daily Caller had a couple of features on Dems who didn't applaud: Those nasty America haters failed to applaud America's energy boom, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wouldn't applaud hardly nothing! Gosh, what an awful lady who ALSO loves human trafficking, as shitcanned White House Nazi Seb Gorka pointed out:


The Gateway Pundit, of course, was a FESTIVAL of hot takes on the terrible reactions of Democrats. A collage!

Gosh, we feel pretty darned ashamed of our nastiness, that's for sure!

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