Trump Had Perfect Call With Dr. Birx Last Year About COVID-19. It Was Creepy.

Trump Had Perfect Call With Dr. Birx Last Year About COVID-19. It Was Creepy.

Dr. Deborah Birx, former White House COVID-19 response coordinator, has opened up lately about how godawful it was serving under an anti-science moron posing as the president. This weekend, Dr. Birx told CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta she knew she was being “watched" constantly, and that everybody inside the previous administration was waiting for her to “make a misstep," so they could presumably remove her from the coronavirus task force.

She went on to describe an “uncomfortable conservation" she had with President Pandemic. This was after she warned rural Americans in August that they weren't immune from COVID-19 and should wear a goddamn mask.

BIRX: That was a very difficult time because everyone inside the White House was upset with that interview.

This is what Dr. Birx had told CNN's Dana Bash, which so infuriated the COVID deniers in the White House.

BIRX LAST YEAR: And that is why we keep saying, no matter where you live in America, you need to wear a mask and socially distance, do the personal hygiene pieces. […] This epidemic right now is different, and it's more widespread. And it's both rural and urban.

There are no lies here, and the one-term loser can't claim he was running a “no-drama" administration. He'd spent the summer claiming Black Lives Matter and antifa were going to break into your house while you slept or just move next door and lower your property values. Either way, it's a tragedy.

Dr. Birx said the former White House squatter called her after the CNN interview. This was August, so he wasn't trying to pressure her to find votes for him in key swing states, but she did imply the tone of the calls was similar. (CNN played creepy serial killer music at this point, which was both disturbing and appropriate.)

BIRX: Well, I think you've heard the conversations people have posted with [the one-term loser]. I would say it was even more direct than what people have heard.

The twice-impeached thug straight-up threatened Georgia GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, so we can only imagine what he told Dr. Birx, whose horrible offense was trying to keep Americans safe during a pandemic. That didn't seem to be a pressing consideration for any of the major players in that crapsack administration.

BIRX: It was very uncomfortable, very direct, and very difficult to hear.

Dr. Birx, who holds the rank of colonel, was an active duty member of the US Army for almost 15 years. It's not like she grew up on a commune and only worked at places with a flat organizational structure where no one gives or receives orders. If you've seen An Officer and a Gentleman, you know how tough the military is. Yet, she appeared terrified when describing her private discussion with President Mob Boss.

Dr. Gupta asked if the former guy threatened her, and Dr. Birx would only reiterate that "it was a very uncomfortable conversation." The previous White House squatter is a bully who lashes out like a mad dog when cornered. We've heard the Raffensperger tapes. It's not a stretch to imagine he directly threatened her professionally if she didn't toe the line.

We've criticized Dr. Birx for her complicity, but her most egregious presidential ass-kissing took place during the spring, before the administration's malicious ignorance had let the virus spread almost unchecked. When she did challenge the White House position in August, she was pretty much on her own. Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared she no longer had any confidence in Dr. Birx.

The original coronavirus surge led to almost 100,000 American deaths. Dr. Birx said “all of the rest of them could've been mitigated or decreased substantially." As of Sunday, at least 548,606 Americans have died from COVID-19. It's a shocking number of preventable deaths, but Dr. Birx alone couldn't have prevented them. So stop blaming her.

Author Don Winslow tweeted:

Dr. Birx NEVER went before the cameras and said what you're being told by Trump is a LIE. And yet Dr. Birx never quit in protest. And yet Dr. Birx never wrote an op-ed alerting America to the lies they were being told.

Yeah, that op-ed in the New York Times would've done the trick. MAGA morons chose to wage war against mask mandates rather than the virus. Dr. Birx is one woman. She couldn't defeat a deliberate rightwing disinformation campaign that seemed intent on killing us with dumbness. The thing that squatted in the Oval Office still brags about doing “the opposite" of what his medical experts advised.

Dr. Birx will live with the regret of not doing more, which she could have if Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton was president last year. The heartless ghoul who was the president won't experience a moment's remorse, even though his malicious incompetence is directly responsible for the more than 400,000 Americans who didn't have to die.


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