South Carolina Death Cult Members Boo Lindsey Graham For Gently Recommending They Stay Alive

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South Carolina Death Cult Members Boo Lindsey Graham For Gently Recommending They Stay Alive

Lindsey Graham is the senior senator from South Carolina, a state that's currently ranked 41st in the nation for percentage of residents vaccinated. South Carolina also averages 1731 new hospitalizations a day. It's like there's a connection somehow.

Graham was at a GOP event in Summerville last weekend, and he gently suggested that vaccines aren't literally the devil.

GRAHAM: So the bottom line is I took the vaccine, I've had it, it kicks your butt. If you hadn't had the vaccine, you ought to think about getting it.

I assume he means COVID-19 when he says “I’ve had it.” Otherwise, he’s not really selling this. Either way, Jehovah's Witnesses who show up at people's houses just as they're about to sit down for dinner have received a better reception. The crowd of mostly unvaccinated dullards booed Graham, who is literally evidence that the vaccine doesn't have horrible side effects. (He's always looked that way.)

Graham folded before the mob, insisting: "I didn't tell you to get it! You ought to think about it!" Maybe he should've told them to get a perfectly safe vaccine and even wear a mask in a crowded outdoor space. This is a public health crisis, but he can't be bothered to act like a leader or anything. He's got another election in five years, although God knows how many of his constituents will be around for it.

He managed to piss off the crowd even more when he said he was glad he got vaccinated. Despite their co-opting of “my body, my choice," MAGA doesn't respect anyone's personal choice to take the vaccine and not die. They believe there's only one correct choice, and it's one that typically ends in the ICU.

Graham weakly offered the fact that "92 percent of the people in the hospitals in South Carolina (are) unvaccinated," and they freaked out, shouting: “No! Oh my God! Lord Jesus! and LIES!"

On “Morning Joe," Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough blamed Facebook for helping MAGA dolts fall prey to vaccine disinformation. I'm not one to defend that hell site, but this feels like a cop-out. The assembled crowd just voted to re-elect Graham to the Senate but they still won't listen to him. They want to be spoon-fed horse paste. Brzezinski and Scarborough, along with many moderate Democrats, have lectured us that social media “isn't real life," but it's obvious that social media has tremendous influence on our daily lives.

Graham tried one last time to reason with his party's Frankenstein monster — although the Mary Shelley character probably would've gotten vaccinated. He had enough problems. Graham compared he COVID-19 vaccine to the one everyone took for the measles. The crowd almost uniformly declared, “That's not the same," which is true: COVID-19 isn't literally the measles. But otherwise, their argument is absurd.

Graham dismissed COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the military as a “dumb idea" because “we shouldn't be driving people away from serving." I don't think the military needs disease vectors in the ranks who don't have the sense to come in out of the COVID. Graham took an even more wish-washy position when his golf buddy, Donald Trump, banned transgender Americans from the military via tweet.

Earlier at the event, Graham backed the crowd's childish opposition to vaccine mandates and offered to help them fight reasonable public health measures. Graham probably assumed he could just placate the crowd, but the bottom line is that these people wouldn't bother fighting mandates if they had any intention of voluntarily getting vaccinated. This isn't about some lofty legal principle. They just want to avoid any negative consequences for their actions. They're Republicans, after all.

That's the “dilemma" Graham and his fellow MAGA enablers face. They can't support vaccine mandates or encourage vaccinations, so they'll have to just sit back and watch as their supporters die preventable deaths.

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