South Carolina Has Basically Decriminalized Having Daytime Prostitute Sex In Cemeteries

South Carolina Has Basically Decriminalized Having Daytime Prostitute Sex In Cemeteries

Meet Roland Corning! Roland Corning, a 65-year-old married man, likes two things: 1. being an assistant district attorney in South Carolina and 2. filling his Ford Explorer with sex medicine and sex toys and 18-year-old prostitutes (for sex) and taking all these things to the local cemetery on Monday afternoons (for sex). This is illegal, all of it, well all of the second part. Except when a South Carolina policeman stopped Corning outside of his ad hoc graveyard pleasure den, he did not charge him with any crime after Corning identified himself asthe Roland Corning, assistant district attorney and celebrated tombside rake.

The State has all the details from the police report:

[The officer, Michael] Wines wrote in his report that two people were in the car - Corning and an unnamed 18-year-old female, an "employee of Platinum Plus Gentlemen's Club."

Earlier, Wines had witnessed the Ford Explorer that Corning was driving pull into a secluded portion of Elmwood Cemetery that Wines had "received past complaints in ref. to illegal activity, i.e. sex acts and drug abuse," Wines wrote in the report.

Once the occupants of the Explorer saw Wines' patrol car, the driver "attempted to make a hasty retreat, spinning the tires in the driveway and accelerating rapidly," according to the report.

By the time Wines, who had gotten out of his patrol car, made it back into his vehicle, the Explorer was gone, the report said. Wines got on the radio and asked other officers in the area to look for the Explorer, and one of the officers stopped Corning on Wayne Street, a few blocks from the cemetery.

Wines then interviewed Corning and the woman, and said they gave "conflicting statements as to why they were at the location, and to their relationship." Because of that, Wines wrote, he asked Corning some more questions, which is when Corning identified himself as an attorney and showed Wines his "state attorney general's badge."

"At that point I asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, which he stated no and gave consent to search," Wines wrote.

The search revealed a sex enhancement drug and some sex toys. According to the report, Corning told Wines he had a prescription for the medication and the other items were always in the car "just in case."

It would seem then, given every single word you just read, that an arrest would have made sense! Mmhmm, well, people are looking into it.

[The State]


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