South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer Likes To Wash Children's Feet And Give Them New Shoes


[youtube expand=1]

"Do they ever resist?" No! "Usually they're timid, they're shy." This is a charming video. Here we see South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, who is most notable for not being gay and wanting Mark Sanford to resign so he could be governor for a bit. Children's feet/atheism is a big problem in South Carolina, so it is good to see the state's politicians taking off children's shoes and socks, forcing their feet into some water, maybe caressing them a bit, and putting on new pairs of shoes and socks. NO, not merely giving them new shoes and socks. Putting them on. So the children learn about Jesus. Then Andre gives them a new Bible and sends them on their way.

This show is called Nightline and airs on Dove Broadcasting's Christian WGGS station in South Carolina. (Oh, how far Ted Koppel has fallen.) "The two-hour Christian variety production features Gospel music, Biblical teaching, practical helps for Christians and prayer and counseling by trained phone workers." Sounds like fun! They have an address where you can send a demo tape if you want to get on the show!

Or you could just play with children's feet like Andre Bauer. Either one works! [YouTube via Wonkette operative "Petulant"]


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