South Carolina Republican Bravely Tweets Similarities Between Trayvon Martin, Super Bowl


MeetTodd Kincannon. This tall drink of water is the former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, an attorney, and the community organizer of something on Twitter called the Twitter Gulag Defense Network or #tgdn.

Todd Kincannon is also a man with some very strong opinions about last night's Super Bowl.

So, yeah,'s...huh... Well, let's start here: Did last night's Super Bowl actually suck? Because, power outages aside, Baltimore's dominating first half play and San Francisco's second half comeback and Beyonce's pretty fantastic halftime show and the game-deciding goal line stand with less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter, would all qualify Super Bowl XLVII as something that did not suck. Dick or otherwise.

That is, if you are the sort of person who likes football and hot women who don't wear pants. Granted, it's not a given that someone associated with the organization that gave us Lindsey Graham actually likes hot women who don't wear pants.

Also, and forgive yr Wonket for burying the lede, but what is this fresh hell about Trayvon Martin sucking dick and buying drugs? This Kincannon guy is really trying hard to assassinate the character of a dead kid who was killed basically because he happened to cross paths with an under-endowed wannabe Charles Bronson on his way home from 7-11. Are Skittles considered a drug now or something? No they are not, but Martin was black so, you know, Kincannon probably just figured he was on drugs.

Maybe we're being too hard on the guy. Maybe he's just a guy who happens to believe the Trayvon Martin homicide was justified, after all according to reports to police, Martin was "cutting in-between houses...walking very leisurely for the [rainy] weather" on the night he was killed by a gated community's self-ordained Paul Blart. And maybe Kincannon was having a bad night (maybe he lost all his squares or something) so he said something really, really stupid on Twitter after having a few too many beers at a Super Bowl party. Nope. Dude meant it.

Todd Kincannon is just a racist dick, probably with homicidal tendencies.

UPDATE: It seems Todd Kincannon has been emailing women his penis. Because it wouldn't be Twitter without it.

UPDATE 2: Hey you guys, stop bothering this nice lady @dawncatherine. She doesn't share Kincannon's bloodlust and he apparently mistook her sarcastic Twitterings as statements of support. Because he's an idiot who fantasizes about hunting 17-year-old kids as the most dangerous game. @dawncatherine is good people. Leave her alone. Seriously.



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