South Dakota Dickhole Sorry He Forgot Segregation Was Bad

Look at Chunky Hitler up there

South Dakota lawmaker Michael Clark was presumably super giddy from the meth-like rush he got from the narrow ruling by the Supreme Court that allowed a baker the right to refuse to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. He was so enthused and delighted by the idea that businesses had the right to refuse to serve people based on religious grounds that he was willing to take it a tiny slip of a slope further. Or, more accurately, he wanted to take a giant leap backwards to the nostalgic halcyon days of yesteryear when Jim Crow was the law of the land. Back when white men were men, and everybody else knew their places. He decided it was time to let the “Free Market” do its thang, baby! Businesses should be able to discriminate based on race also! Not just on religion and The Gay! Such an original fucking idea there, Mike. First time we ever heard (not really) of such a gloriously fucked up idea, besides all of the times until 1964 when we banned that shit. And then all of the times afterward when Rand Paul endorsed it.

Ahh, the memories!! Who doesn’t feel an enthusiastic longing for the days when public spaces were littered with those beautifully rustic signs declaring “WHITE ONLY--NO COLOREDS ALLOWED!” and when lunch counters were the sole dominion of whitey? Right. Most of us are very un-excited to go back there. It may be one of the reasons that Time Travel Novels featuring black characters are pretty much limited to Kindred (READ IT!), written by Octavia Butler in 1979. Spoiler Alert!!! The main character ends up on a lovely plantation. As a slave. Yay!

In a Facebook post -- now deleted -- Clark said some highly stupid and backwards shit, just like that time Rand Paul went on Rachel Maddow and showed us what a racist d-bag he was. Because Rand Paul is a Libertarian, and also kind of very racist and doesn't believe in "forcing" businesses to have dealings with us dark folks if they don't want to. Or like that time when Clark’s fellow South Dakota GOP jerkface, state Senator Phil Jensen, came up with that very same idea. Because, hey, why not? But don’t worry, y’all, Clark totally "apologized" so we all need to pretend we don’t know he’s in favor of segregation.

Let’s see what he apologized for, shall we?

But wait!!! There’s more! In an interview with the Argus Leader he doubled down on his "true beliefs."

If it’s truly his strongly based belief, he should be able to turn them away. People shouldn’t be able to use their minority status to bully a business.

You hear that minority people? You should not be able to use the fact that you are a minority to demand that you be treated like everybody else. THAT IS BULLYING! Please stop victimizing businesses by demanding they treat you like a human. It’s MEAN.

Obviously Rep. Michael Clark realized that he had somehow made things even worse than he did when he endorsed Jim Crow style “freedom” by framing businesses as victims of a horde of bullying minorities, because he contacted the Argus Leader an hour later.

Here is a particularly relevant portion of his apology:

I am apologizing for some of my Facebook comments. I would never advocate discriminating against people based on their color or race.

Well, isn’t he just as special as can be? Bless his ignorant little heart. It’s quite obnoxious how he simply denies advocating the exact thing he advocated. He would never!!! How is lying in your apology supposed to help anyone believe a damn word of the rest of what you just said? Dude, you totally advocated businesses being able to discriminate based on race, so why the hell did you just say you “would never advocate discriminating,” when it just proves you are a liar? NOW YOU ARE A RACIST LIAR!!! Shut up. Or just admit you think it’s cool to add more burdens onto people of color just because you can.

Because obviously, people of color don’t have enough problems. You know, like being tased for no reason by police, having police called on them for napping, and having their children snatched away from them while trying to get asylum. Clark decided we also need to deal with being turned away from businesses too. How fun and creative!!! And just like every other Republican who realizes that revealing the inner workings of his tell-tale heart will entirely fuck his shit up, Clark just pretends his words don’t mean what they actually mean.

That portion of his apology, given to the Argus Leader, was a bit thin, to say the least. His full apology is posted on Facebook:

[facebook expand=1]

No. Not accepting your apology. Not now, not ever. You showed us who you are on the inside and we do not like what we see.

One of the Democrats, Toni Miller, who is vying to be his opponent for the House Seat in District 9, has given a statement regarding his original Facebook post:

Miller also spoke to Wonkette, discussing his “apology”:

I don't know him personally, but his initial statement saying "people shouldn't be able to use their minority status to bully a business" says more about him than his apology. It appears to me that he is inherently discriminatory, but he'll likely be less vocal about it in light of the backlash.

We agree, Toni. His beliefs are hideous and it’s concerning how quickly he shifted from being the Senator of Segregation to suddenly becoming “Senator Super Woke” after being introduced to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We also wonder how the hell it is that he missed learning about how fucked up segregation is, but apparently some people find it quite easy to accept discrimination against OTHER people. Especially against those who don’t look qwhite white. Time for the people of South Dakota to stop accepting this type of bullshit from their legislators. Send his ass packing in November, please and thank you.

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