Soybean Farmer Willing To Die In Trump's Trade War So RIP Soybean Farmer

Soybean Farmer Willing To Die In Trump's Trade War So RIP Soybean Farmer

Last weekend, Adriana Diaz of CBS sat down with some stereotypical looking farmers, all of whom voted for Trump, to ask them some questions about the trade war, tariffs, and apparently how willing they are to die on the battlefield of Trump's trade war. The Q&A session began with some mild questions like, "Do you feel like soldiers on the front lines of this emerging trade war?" and ended with a Braveheart style "TO THE DEATH!!" response from an aggrieved working man of Scottish stock. Ok, he didn't yell it. But still.

In light of the fact that I hate (okay, maybe not hate, but seriously resent) them all, I have transcribed the entire video so you can see for yourself how annoying they are.

"Right now we're at an unfair disadvantage. We have no control over anything. Everything is based in Washington. Between the United States and the Chinese and we have no control over that, but the markets are going down. If this continues for any length of time there's going to be certain people that are not going to continue to farm, and that would be sad."

This is what you get for voting for a "businessman" whose life consists of saying shit people want to hear and then saying some other shit five minutes later. Sell your fucking farms to China and then maybe they will buy the soybeans, not my problem. I'm saving my sad for innocent kids in cages, school shooting victims, minorities, women, lgbtq, and all other REAL VICTIMS of the Trump Administration. Useful idiots do not get sympathy.

CBS also reports that "farm country has become a high value target in the US trade war, with China placing retaliatory tariffs of 25% on US soybeans, which has led to steep price drops for US soybean farmers." To which I say once again, too bad; don't care. He told y'all he was going to start a trade war. Enjoy!!

"Right now it's close to a 20% drop in what the soybean prices are, so you're looking at 20% less you are going to be receiving on a specific commodity. That's about all we can really afford without starting to panic a little bit more."

Welp. Making America Great Again costs A LOT. It possibly might just cost you your farm, but that's okay, BUILD THE WALL. Oh. My bad, wrong cue. Everything is fine because MS-13 was probably on the way to your Soybean farm, so you're actually LUCKY that Trump is making you poor. Just apply for a right to work job that an immigrant stole from you at Mar a Lago.

"Did you all vote for President Trump?"

Yes. They did. Of course they did, because China wouldn't bother placing tariffs on people who didn't vote for that orange smegma stain. And since they voted for Trump, nobody should give a shit if Trump's policies harm them. I mean, they don't even care that Trump's policies harm them, so why should you? You shouldn't. He told them he didn't respect them over and over and over and over and over again. This is what they WANTED. LET THEM ENJOY IT.

"That has nothing to do with why I support what's going on right now."


"Do you support the administration even though you're being hurt by these retaliatory tariffs?"
I do, I'm a good American. I believe that we all have to toe the line."

Give me a fucking break, okay? Y'all did not feel that way when you found out Obama was making you buy health insurance, but it's totally okay for Trump to bankrupt you? You can only be a good American for white presidents not named Bill Clinton.

"So, you're okay with bearing the brunt of these tariffs?"

"If I had my druthers, no. But am I willing to take my lumps for the benefit of the entire country, yes, I personally am."

Well, you don't have your druthers, now do you? GOOD. Take your lumps.

"You're willing to weather the storm for a certain amount of time, but how long is too long?"

Wait for it…..

"Well, the Scottish in me says, To the death."

See? This is what the fuck I mean. I bet some of you were like, "Damn, she's a cold piece of work! Why can't she at least fake some sympathy?" But now you see that there is absolutely NO POINT in sympathizing with voluntary sacrificial lambs because they enjoy suffering. Sure, they wanted other people to suffer instead, if they had their druthers, but suffering is suffering and it makes them feel rugged and hardcore, so don't fucking bother trying to talk them out of laying down on the train tracks. This is what they want and this is what they get. We can only save the woke.

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