Space Toilet On The Fritz

  • Only 49 percent of the public approves of President Obama's handling of healthcare reform, which means we should probably just scrap the whole thing. [Los Angeles Times]
  • An American soldier has been captured by the Taliban and appears in a propaganda video where he says the US should get out of Afghanistan. [Reuters]
  • The leaders of the Honduran coup rejected plans for a "unity government" that would put the old leader back in charge. [Guardian]
  • The annual meeting of the National Governors Association was somewhat sparsely attended, and featured a lot of misery and complaints regarding our terrible economy. [ABC News]
  • Wildfires in western Canada show no sign of abating, and high temperatures with no sign of rain in the forecast mean they'll probably keep going. [CBC]
  • A busted loo aboard the International Space Station will temporarily oblige American astronauts to risk contracting toilet-seat cooties from their Russian counterparts. [The Register]

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