Special Conversation Shows What Goes On Inside Secret Leftist Cabal Chatroom

Special Conversation Shows What Goes On Inside Secret Leftist Cabal Chatroom

Yesterday thePolitico -- and fine, here is your precious LINK, Calderone! -- revealed to the world the Secret Leftist Cabal Chatroom where policy experts talk to bloggers off-the-record and tell them what to write on their blogs. Its Master is young communist health care blogger Ezra Klein, who decided to bring these people together in secrecy after discovering that Twitter was probably not the safest outlet for such secret secrecy. It is the most major Conspiracy in Washington right now, and RedState is hot on the case. So what goes on inside the "JournoList"?

Your Wonkette has asked many Members of JournoList to simply give us their passwords or whatever so we can copy-paste stuff, for hilarity. They are being annoying about it, though, and do not want to risk destroying the whole system of erudite interaction over one comical breach. That would be so great though! Besides, they can always e-mail each other privately, good lord...

One member tells us that there is definitely some funny stuff on it, while another political writer says, "I've read a fair amount of stuff from it, which helped me decide I did not want to be on it," but because it was so boring. The things, the things this person must have seen!

Another responds, "I'd do anything for love but I can't do that," referencing the popular song about how keeping one's JournoList password private is more important than the human act of love.

So someone out there on the JournoList who wants to help us get on this thing, please e-mail us your fucking password or whatever and we'll sell you an intern below slave market value.

We imagine it to be something like this:

E. ALTERMAN: I've just finished reading this intriguing look at state-managed health care reform: http://tinyurl.com/3983098

J-KLO: Fuck you and your rickrolls Eric.

E. ALTERMAN: No it's real I swear it's just a really long URL.

E. ALTERMAN: There's a limit to how long the URL can be ... like Twitter.

BETTER THAN EZRA: Goddammit ....

YGLESIAS DA CONQUEROR: I'm going to the gym. If anybody has any ideas for that work-fare piece, let me know. I will be back soon with arms like Michelle Obama.

KRUG-MAGNON: Even Mickey Kaus would fuck you then!

J-KLO: Gross!

KRUG-MAGNON: Does anyone else kind of miss Hillary...?

BETTER THAN EZRA: Let's get things back on topic, guys.

PERETZ HILTON: I run this, now.

BETTER THAN EZRA: Not funny Marty.

Obligatory JournoList Post [Ezra Klein]

JournoList: Inside the echo chamber [Politico]


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