Spill Some More Tea, Adam Kinzinger. We're Listening.

One of the things we've been hoping would happen, as the GOP really shoots itself in the dick by excommunicating people like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, is that we really are ready for them to amp it up when it comes to them spilling tea and naming names about their garbage seditionist colleagues. So far there's been ... a little bit.

But Kinzinger said some words this week to CNN that suggest that maybe he might be brewing a nice Earl Grey and could possibly be convinced to spill it, if they piss him off enough.

Talking Points memo provides some quotes:

[Kinzinger told] CNN that the "vast majority, if not all of them, my colleagues believe this was a Trump-incited insurrection." But they don't want to say anything or take part in Jan. 6 investigations or even watch footage of the attack, he said, because it would keep them honest.

"But when you are in a tribe and you know, if you say something truthful that gets you kicked out of the tribe, you keep your head down and you stay in the tribe," he continued. "I don't think they believe it, but if you watch the videos, you get that tinge of guilt. And it's much easier to just paper over that tinge of guilt, hope that this organically just kind of fixes the glitch and nobody is willing to step up. It's disappointing, of course. It's sad."

"And I think what's even more sad is not that so many people that aren't acknowledging the truth. It's that there are millions of people — base voters, Republican voters, many in my district — that believe the Big Lie."

SAY SOME NAMES, CONGRESSMAN. Make them deny it. Make them truly defend it. You just said they kick you out of the tribe if you tell the truth, about how Trump incited the January 6 domestic terrorist on the Capitol, or about how Trump lost that election like a loser, fair and square.

Like we said, we are pretty sure Kinzinger is out of the tribe. So talk some shit, bro.

Kinzinger did also say this week that he's pretty sure a number of his GOP colleagues knew exactly what was going to happen January 6. And in that case, he named a name:

I won't name names, but yes, I do have that suspicion. I will say, if you just looked at Twitter — the whole reason I brought my gun and kept my staff home and told my wife to stay in the apartment was looking at Twitter. I saw the threats. When Lauren Boebert — I will call her out by name — tweeted "Today is 1776," I don't know what that meant other than this is the time for revolution. Maybe it was a dumb tweet that she didn't mean. Fine. I'll give her that credit for now. But if you have members of Congress who were involved in nurturing an insurrection, heck yeah, we need to know.


Credit for being charitable enough to insinuate that it's possible Lauren Boebert is just dumb as hell, though. That sounds like something Wonkette would say. (Read that whole interview if you have time. He also talks some quality shit about Marjorie Taylor Greene. You won't agree with everything he says, but at least he's got some semblance of a brain.)

TPM reminds us that when the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol happened, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy actually did blame Trump. Remember when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stood up after Republicans in the Senate refused to convict Trump, and laid out chapter-and-verse how guilty Donald Trump actually was? He called Trump hot sedition-inciting garbage. And then he went back to being a toady like McCarthy, and none of them could possibly BEAR to support a real investigation into the attack Trump incited.

Kinzinger's probably right: They can't do it because they'd have to confront the truth, and that's just not what the modern GOP is about.

They all know, except maybe the truly worst, truly dumbest, truly most un-American of them, like Ron Johnson and Josh Hawley in the Senate, and the hellish satellites that surround Greene, Boebert and Paul Gosar in the House. The rest of 'em? They know. And they're too power-hungry and craven to say anything. Time to say more prayers to St. Ashli Of Babbitt, patron saint martyr of insurrections!

Fucking cowards. The whole lot of 'em.

[Talking Points Memo / New York Times Magazine]

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