Spitzer Paid For Sexy Hot Emperor's Club Hookers With ... Money Orders


No sooner did word break last March that New York governor Eliot Spitzer had been patronizing hookers than it devolved into deep unsexiness. We're talking about Spitzer, after all, one of the least desirable humans on the planet! He refused to take off his socks during sexytime. His "high-class" hooker was just some Jersey girl withbad tattoos and a history of drug abuse. Eliot Spitzer made prostitution boring again.

And now the final insult: he paid, apparently, for these meetings with postal money orders. This is the sort of currency that old people use to pay for their Soft Rock Classic Hits of the 70's albums that they order late at night after they've tired of watching Flowbee demos.

Eliot Spitzer, what an unromantic dingus.

At a Sentencing, Details of Spitzer’s Liaisons [New York Times]


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