S.R. 'Macaca' Sidarth Reveals All!

'Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?' - WonketteNot really. But in a strangely stilted op-ed for the Washington Post, Sidarth says:

* While tracking George Allen with a video camera, Allen supporters treated Sidarth with "dignity, respect and kindness" and always fed him.

* Jim Webb's aunt was also really nice to Sidarth, showed him where Jim's ancestors did whatever they did back then.

* Remember Allen's early claim that he was actually mocking Sidarth's "mohawk" haircut when it was actually a common Virginia mullet? Sidarth now admits the mullet was "inflicted upon me by two friends late one night." What a drunk!

* Nyah nyah, the rural county where Allen had his Macaca Moment actually went for Webb.

I Am Macaca [Washington Post]


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