St. Patrick's Day Wonk'd: Barbara Bush, Young and Irresponsible

Just because your dad is the most powerful man in the world doesn't mean you can't get drunk on St. Patrick's Day, just like the rest of us. A Wonkette operative wrote us as follows, via Treo, shortly after 12:30 a.m. on Saturday:

Got a call from my girlfriend as she was leaving the dubliner. Apparently babs was getting her irish on at the bar and making out with her beau on mass ave.

Wow -- pretty wild! It sounds like young Barbara Bush was even more blitzed than we were last night.

Even if Barb was thoroughly sloshed, at least she didn't crash into anyone last night. Here's a previously submitted tip from a loyal reader:

Just read your post about Barbara Bush's full-frontal body rub, and it reminded me of an incident back in my senior year of college. A bunch of my Yale friends were in town for the Yale-Harvard game. We were at John Harvard's Restaurant and Bar in Harvard Square when I rounded a corner and did a full body slam into some girl. We hit pretty hard, too (and that was back when I was still heavy).

We were both very apologetic and asked if the other was ok, and eventually laughed it off and went our separate ways. I didn't recognize her but a friend pointed out later that it was Barbara Bush.

Maybe she has a depth-perception problem? One that's specific to bars?

Specific to bars -- and being drunk off her ass!

(A final caveat: last night's sighting of Barbara Bush represents just one source's report, which we have not independently verified. Can anyone provide confirmation or details? If so, please email us. Thanks!)

Update: Another reader, who was on the premises last night, provides this confirmation: "Yes, the Barbara Bush spotting is true. We saw her hanging out with her friends listening to Irish music at the Dubliner. She seemed to be enjoying the evening."


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