Staged Right: Expect to See Bloggers but Not Broadway Shows

RNC blares that "2004 Republican National Convention to Be the Most Diverse in Party History," you'd almost think they endorse the idea of quotas. [PRNewswire]

NYT reports that delegate from the far-away land of "Alaska" brings funny ideas to NYC: "'Why am I going to New York?' he asked again, this time cooking chicken on his grill. 'Values,' he said." [NYT]

The only show in town? Broadway productions closing during the convention, allowing unemployed theater queens to devote themselves full-time to seducing junior delegates from Ohio. [Newsday]

Lines we wish we had written: "Except for the phalluses, a cursory observer might be forgiven for mistaking such an assemblage for a Republican rally." The Village Voice previews the festivities. [VV]

You won't fucking believe it, but bloggers will be there [BH]


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