Standing Athwart history, Yelling "Fag"

rudynr.jpgAt left, the cover of the forthcoming National Review, and a perfect illustration of how to do and sell a hit piece. Far, far better than the New York Times Magazine's leathery, Nixonian Mark Warner, which presented just a shifty, bottle-tanned politician, not a direct affront on morality, decency, theology, and geometry.

Yet another reason to love America: Megalomaniacal leanings? Naked power grabs? Deep-seated love for police brutality? That's what appeals to the electorate. It's dressing like you're about to comically seduce Elmer Fudd that'll end your political career.

(though frankly, we think he looks better here than, say, here. That suit's so ugly, Reagan promptly went out and had himself shot in the head.)

National Review

National Review on Rudy Giuliani [Hotline]


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