stanley%20fish%20professor%20blogger.jpg(Wow, this "blogging" thing has really jumped the shark -- just as the expession "jumped the shark" has jumped the shark. As has the gimmick of excessive meta-ness. Forget Rumsfeld, we're going to submit our resignations now...)

Anyhoo, yes, Professor Stanley Fish is blogging, over at the Times (where else). Professor Fish is certainly opinionated enough to be a blogger. But he's a bit long-winded for this medium, dontcha think?

And sure enough, his first few posts stretch on at epic length. Stanley, the op-ed page is thataway (and even they won't let you go over 1,200 words).

But there's hope for Fish yet as a blogger; he can be glib when he wants to. In his most recent post, a defense of Hillary Clinton as a 2008 presidential contender, he dismisses the rest of the Democratic presidential field in a single paragraph:

Not Mark Warner (too many teeth) or Al Gore (unless he drops 35 pounds) or Bill Richardson (whose only asset is an ethnicity he would always have to be explaining unless he changed his name) or John Kerry (who no matter what he says or does comes across as inauthentic) or Wesley Clark (who basically connected with no one) or John Edwards (nice guy, but would you salute him?) or some Midwestern senator or governor whose name you can never remember.

Wow. That was breezy, superficial, catty, and looks-obsessed. It was highly opinionated, yet devoid of substance. We wish we had written it ourselves.

Nice work, Professor Fish. Welcome to the blogosphere!

Forget Barack, Run With Hillary [Stanley Fish - Think Again]


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