Start Your Morning Off With Sheriff Joe In A Corset (Because We Hate You)


Yeah boy look at that this sweet piece of human rights violating ass right here. This is indeed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his office just daring you to bury your head in his sweet man-mammaries. Just take a moment to gaze into the stark dichotomy between the background of the picture, with its extreme representations of power, and the foreground, where a doddering old fascist sits before you as a humiliating shell of a man. Also there’s a typewriter because apparently the kindly Sheriff of Nodueprocessham blew all of the county’s funds on arming the local Dale Gribbles and giving them free range access to your nubile children.

But where did we at your Wonkette find this un-photoshopped picture of the Birther Sheriff doing his best Robert Paulson imitation? Did we hack into his phone, Piers Morgan style, and are presently holding onto Joe’s nude-selfies for blackmail? HAHA no. This site is maintained by North Korean tech-support and Dok Zoom’s kid because that is all we can afford.

No Joe sent this out through his own Twitter feed. This photo is actually the most recent of a series that Joe has created marking his recovery from a fall. Is poking fun at an old man in the twilight of his life dealing with the inevitable deterioration of his physical form a cruel and disgusting thing for a silly blog to do? Of course it is. But before Twitchy goes ballistic and accuses us of supporting eugenics or some such bullshit, let’s remember that the necessary healthcare and basic sense of mercy that the Sheriff is displaying in these photos are both explicitly denied to the people housed in the concentration camps that he is so proud of.

So should you feel ashamed at laughing at this broken old lunatic staring blankly at you while his c-cups flap in the breeze? Nope. Save your self-righteous shaming for a man who ignored sex-crimes against children because of their race.



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