Today's Washington Post has a Q&A with Claudia A. McMurray, head of the State Department's boring-sounding Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs. But don't fall asleep yet, because the bureau has a plan to stop international wildlife trafficking... a sexy plan:

"Bo Derek was appointed by the secretary as special envoy to combat wildlife trafficking. She's obviously a well-known figure. We want to take her around not only the U.S., but to some other countries as well, as soon as she's done filming this summer, and have her speak to different kinds of audiences, anything from children to businesspeople to the press to academic groups to get the word out."
And after all, Bo has always demonstrated her kindness to animals, whether large and simian like Josh Bolten, or small and simian like Dudley Moore.

Governments Must Decide to 'Stop the Trade' in Wildlife [WP]


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