State Department Gave 4,500 Sex Offenders Passports In 2008, Because That's an Important Thing To Know


GET YER HANDS OFF, HILLARYThe Governmental Accountability Office has released a STARTLING report saying that our previously unperverse State Department gave out 4,500 passports to registered sex offenders back in 2008. How has Hillary Clinton not already been put in stocks and branded with a scarlet letter for this? Oh wait, passports are sort of a right for U.S. citizens regardless of how Polanski they have been.

The study, requested by Sens. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and Max Baucus (D-Mont.), stipulates that the State Department does not have the authority to deny passports to the majority of sex offenders.

WHAT? You don't say. Good thing the taxpayers spent money to find that out. And good thing the taxpayers spent money to let the voters of Iowa and Montana know that their senators don't love people doing illegal and/or perverted sex stuff.

Surely Congress will now pass a law against any sex offenders receiving a passport, as any time a legislator thinks of a right a sex offender has, they must immediately write up a bill to take it away, as that's the voting public's favorite thing, being deathly afraid of sex offenders. (Sex offenses are worse than murder also.)

But, perhaps, if you think about it, wouldn't it be better to let sex offenders do their sex offenses abroad, if it is true that all convicted sex offenders who have served their time in jail do an average of ten sex offenses per minute? Denying them passports would only increase the rape of American citizens here at home. PUT AMERICA FIRST, LEGISLATORS. But that would maybe mean the U.S. would stop claiming jurisdiction over what happens in other countries, and we can't have that.

About half of the passport recipients lived California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Michigan – border states with the some of the country’s largest populations.

That sounds like sex offenders in border states are traveling to Canada and Mexico sometimes. Disgusting!

The GAO report does not detail whether the issuance of passports to sex offenders in 2008 aided them in their committing sex offenses abroad. But their investigations did find several instances in which the passport recipients traveled to a country known for sex tourism.

Wow, 4,500 passports issued, and every single person didn't go to Luxembourg?

Well, maybe voters won't be fed more sex offender red meat (EWW!) about this particular sex offender issue. It turns out the GAO just really likes messing with the cosmopolitan elitists at the State Department and making it look bad:

Last year, in a separate study, the GAO found that the State Department’s passport issuance system was severely lacking and that it had obtained four fraudulent U.S. passports using documents of dead or fictitious people.

Ya burnt, State! [The Hill]


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