State of the Union Speech Spoiler

Bush goes on in half an hour, but here's the opener of the speech. Also? The chick in "The Crying Game" is a dude. Furthermore? That info would really upset Bush, who comes out strong in favor of a Constitutional Amendment for "protecting" marriage and against "activist" judges. Hey, just when you thought it wasn't edgy to be a homo anymore!

Mr. Speaker, Vice President Cheney, Members of Congress, fellow citizens:

As a new Congress gathers, all of us in the elected branches of government share a great privilege: we have been placed in office by the votes of the people we serve. And tonight that is a privilege we share with newly elected leaders of Afghanistan , the Palestinian territories, Ukraine , and a free and sovereign Iraq .

Two weeks ago, I stood on the steps of this Capitol and renewed the commitment of our Nation to the guiding ideal of liberty for all. This evening I will set forth policies to advance that ideal at home and around the world.

More to come shortly.

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