Stay Dry With Robert Samuelson And Lisa Loeb


It's supposed to rain all weekend, except Sunday, a day that counts for nothing. Except God. Well, no matter! All you weekend fun can be scheduled indoors, in movie theaters mostly, and a few concert venues. In fact, Steve Martin trekked in all the way from the 70s to accompany Lisa Loeb in some tribute to narcissism. No sense letting some rain ruin that!


  • See the Spinto Band, a rock and roll outfit from Joe Biden's Delaware play the Black Cat. $12; 9 PM. (And tonight at 8 PM, even though it's a school night, the terrific M83 are playing the Black Cat too. $17) [Black Cat]


  • There's both Britpop- and Punk-themed dance things tonight at the Black Cat. Both are at 9:30 PM. [Black Cat]
  • Brightest Young Things is sponsoring a record release party for Fort Knox Five. $15; 10 PM. [9:30 PM]
  • Comically ornery Washington Post op-ed writer Robert Samuelson will be at Politics & Prose reading from his book about inflation.  [Politics & Prose]
  • See this mafia movie Gomorrah, which won several fancy French awards at Cannes, including "Grand Prix," at the AFI Silver at 7 PM. [AFI Silver]
  • Lisa Loeb, she's the attractive one who had that song (in terms of ophthalmological accoutrement, a Tina Fey avant la lettre), is playing her album Camp Lisa, which is an "ode to summer camp." And Steve Martin will be there for reasons unknown! You do not want to miss this. $16, 1 PM. [National Geographic Society]


  • Last chance to see Henry IV, Part I at the Folger Theater. It's Shakespeare, so you know, how bad can it be? etc. 2 PM and 7 PM; price varies. [Folger Theater]
  • The Museum of Natural History is having an aquatic disasters-centric double feature, and are playing Mutiny on the Bounty (Clark Gable!) and Moby Dick (Gregory Peck!). First one to spot the allegory for God wins! (Hint: it's the whale.) [Museum of Natural History]

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