shaqsteele.jpgThe rumors of Michael Steele's keen campaign skills may have been overstated.

Republican Senate candidate Michael Steele on Wednesday called President Bush his "homeboy," reversed course on having the president campaign for him and said he was joking when he described his Republican affiliation as a scarlet letter.
It's possible that the interview excerpts in the Washington Post miss the subtlety or flow of Steele's comments on the Chip Franklin Show, but... no, he just doesn't make sense, does he?
"The president doesn't want a sycophant in the United States Senate. He wants an honest broker for the people of Maryland. He doesn't want a 'yes' man. He wants someone who's going to be genuine in his approach to solving the problems. And that's me," Steele said.
By "not a sycophant," he means "someone who calls him homeboy." By "not a 'yes' man," he means "a guy who'll apologize at warp speed if ever he says something vaguely mean about the POTUS."

I think the Steele team has what it takes to beat the mail order bride-raping guy. Maybe.

[Side note: Some of you might wince at the picture of Shaqille O'Neal in the 1997 action classic "Steel." If so, invite you to watch the animation in the top-left panel of Steele's website. Politeness demands a "Steel" joke here.]

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GOP Candidate Says Criticism Was a Joke [WaPo]

-- David Weigel


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