Steele Confirms That White Republicans ('Republicans') Are Terrified Of Him

Steele Confirms That White Republicans ('Republicans') Are Terrified Of Him

Uh oh, you naughty man, Roland Martin, playing the devilishSteele Game again. In today's edition of "How did Michael Steele take the bait this time," the communist CNN contributor Roland Martin, in his side gig for a black people thing called NewsOne, interviewed the triumphant cow and dared put forth this snare: "One of the criticisms I've always had is Republicans -- white Republicans -- have been scared of black folks." Yeah, ever come across anything like that, Michael Steele?

STEELE: You're absolutely right. I mean I've been in the room and they've been scared of me. I'm like, "I'm on your side" and so I can imagine going out there and talking to someone like you, you know, [say] "I'll listen." And they're like "Well." Let me tell you. You saw in Christie and you saw in McDonnell a door open because they went in and engaged.

Just a reminder that the year is 2009, and white people talking to black people is still a controversial issue in the Republican party.

Steele: White Republicans are scared of me [The Hill]


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