PA GOP Rep. Stephanie Borowicz: God Will Shoot You If You Try To Take Her Jesus Guns

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PA GOP Rep. Stephanie Borowicz: God Will Shoot You If You Try To Take Her Jesus Guns

Monday, 40 Republican legislators and lawmakers gathered on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for their 17th annual gun rights rally. There weren't many normal citizens in attendance, which is embarrassing but organizer Rep. Daryl Metcalfe blamed the weather and the high travel costs that "China Joe Biden" has inflicted on the population. He probably blames President Biden when no one shows up at his birthday parties.

The crowd might've been smaller because the rhetoric was so predictable. Republican Rep. Rob Kauffman, chair of the state House Judiciary Committee, insisted, “They are coming after you. They are coming after our right to bear arms." Spooky liberals have supposedly been coming for their guns forever, and they still have them. Just relax, even if no one else can in public places where guns are everywhere.

This was Metcalfe's last gun rights rally as a legislator. He's retiring this year, leaving behind an appalling record of blocking any sensible gun safety legislation. Kauffman specifically has cut off any debate on guns in the state House. Most recently, he gutted the text of a universal background check that Democrats had proposed and replaced it with Folgers Crystals a permit-less concealed carry proposal.

From Penn Live:

“I will tell you that not one of those 66 bills was considered before the House Judiciary Committee,” Kauffman said, referring to the pieces of gun safety legislation that have been filed by Democrats and a few moderate Republicans.

“Not one. And when they attempted to bring them up, we just amended it with constitutional carry."

He's so proud of his unwavering obstruction.

Rep. Stephanie Borowicz boasted about bullying gun reform advocates from Moms Demand Action who tried to appeal to her better nature, a seemingly pointless endeavor. She treated them like Jehovah's Witnesses or, well, any member of a religion that's not her own.

I always say God and guns. God is here, and God and guns will keep us here.

It gets weirder.

BOROWICZ: Never surrender on the Second Amendment! Never give them an inch! I had a gun control group ... I think they're called Moms Demand Action or something like that. Of course, it sounds pretty ... "Moms are coming through the hall, demanding action!"

That's literally what happened, but these mothers are apparently godless and evil because they advocate for sensible gun safety laws.

BOROWICZ: They said, "We're not for gun control! We're not to take away your Second Amendment. We just want reasonable laws." ... Uh uh, sure. They came up to my office right on the line. We have, like, a line where you can step over it and I go "don’t step over into my office, don’t even step over the line because you’re not getting anywhere with that bull crap in my office."

You can go down the hall to some leftist-leaning Republican or some liberal Democrat but you're not getting anywhere with that in my office. Then they said, "We pray before we come. We don't want to take away your Second Amendment." I said, "Well, you better go back and pray again, because I'm a Christian and I believe in the Biblical right to self defense."

I'm fairly certain Jesus Christ didn't defend himself with guns blazing. Of course, I haven't read the New Testament in a while, so maybe it is just a series of Jack Reacher books. Borowicz told the Moms Demand Action volunteers to come back in a month and lobby to bring "prayer and the Bible back in school." Prayer has not actually prevented any school shootings.

This woman loves the fire and brimstone act. Back in 2019, she opened a voting session in the state House with a prayer about how "at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, Jesus, that you are Lord." (Her version of Jesus definitely would've drunk from a blinged-up Holy Grail.) This was shortly before Democratic Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, the first woman Muslim member of the Pennsylvania House, took her oath of office. I doubt the timing was coincidental.

Pennsylvania's Majorie Taylor Greene is awful, and we probably haven't seen the last of her.

[Penn Live]

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