Stephen Hadley Finally Loses It

Here's the thing: we're still a little hungover. We were jumping around like idiots at the Art Brut show at the Black Cat last night. We think we threw a bus stop sign into a trash can afterwards. Our head hurts, so give us a minute before we get to: a) Sy Hersh's Iran thing and b) the Post's psyops/Zarqawi thing. In the meantime, here's a story from yesterday that we don't have to think so hard about:

A screaming intruder made it onto the front lawn of the White House Sunday while President Bush was at home before being apprehended by Secret Service officers.
I have intelligence information for the president," he said, waving his arms in the air. "I'm not afraid of you," Patterson screamed at the officers who were ordering him to the ground with guns drawn.

Normally, when something like that happens, we get a couple hundred emails alerting us that the White House is being evacuated, or the hazmat people have arrived, or whatever. But it was Sunday, so no one gave a shit. The lesson here: If you're a raving, bearded lunatic with intelligence for the President, you'll want to deliver it on a Sunday. CNN had his picture up yesterday:


Oh man. Can we keep him? Please? Do you think he figured they'd let him get to the White House if he wore his Old Navy flag shirt? And you know, considering this administration's track record with intelligence, we can't imagine they'd do much worse by listening to this guy.

Man apprehended on White House grounds [MSNBC]


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